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Lip Gloss: Custom Hand-poured Lip Gloss
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  • Gloss Recipe No. 2 Audrey (Light Warm Pink Base, Neutral Beige Frost)
  • Gloss Recipe No. 1(Warm Nude Base, Rose Gold Frost)
  • Gloss Recipe No. 3 Lydia (Cool Pink Base, High Frost)
  • Gloss Recipe No. 8 Glimmer (Nude/ Beige Shimmer)
  • Gloss Recipe No. 12 Holiday Berry
  • Swag (Gold/Champagne Shimmer)
  • Gloss Recipe No. 15 Kelly (Cool Pink/Mauve w/ beige frost)
  • Gloss Recipe No. 17 Trend D (Beige Coral w/ Champagne shimmer)
  • Bomb Gloss: Clear/ Pink Tint/Teal Tint (Leave a note to choose color and flavor)
  • Trouble
  • Krystal
  • Laurie
  • Rag House Recipe No. 20
  • VIXEN Gold (Sheer Gold Glitter)

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